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We Stand to Serve You This Time

About Our Organization

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The National League of Female Veterans (NLFV) was initially created to act as an advocate for female veterans and their families who are facing issues. Today, we provide assistance to all veterans.

The League, as we like to call it here at the NLFV, was started by female veterans who realized that services available for veterans do not always fit the needs of female veterans or those closest to them. After identifying this gap, they decided to mobilize and partner with other organizations to help these veterans who were often transitioning from military life to civilian life. For a while, the organization worked primarily as a referral agency until December 2018. Just before Christmas, the government shutdown left about 800,000 federal employees worried about when and if their next paycheck was coming or not. It was during this time that the League started the People Just Helping People Campaign. The goal was to remove the politics surrounding the polarizing issues and focus on the people affected. Through the generosity of the residents in the Northwest Florida Region, we were able to assist over 200 families by getting food for their families and diapers for their children.  This fundamentally changed the League's mission and vision from a primary referral organization to a primary action organization. Moved by his leadership and passion during this event Clarence Abercrombie was unanimously voted to Chair the National League of Female Veterans and guide the organization into a new chapter.

About Our Company

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Mission Statement

"Enim, Amplexum, Adificationem, etPosse ‘iis qui Servite’..."

"For the Embracement, Edification, and Empowerment of ‘Those Who Serve’...”

Our Vision 

An informed and empowered generation of veterans who serve as positive mentors and role models to their families, communities, and the next generation of war heroes...

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