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Supporting Those Who Have Laid Down Their Lives for Their Country

Your Road to a Healthier Life Starts Here

Good news! Congress has passed various federal laws, legislation, and initiatives to meet the needs of the veterans in four key areas: health, education, employment assistance, and family support services.

One of our goals at The National League of Female Veterans is to empower our veterans through education. This communication will begin the empowerment process by educating our veterans on why they should register on VHA’s My HealtheVet.

My HealtheVet is the VA's personal health record. It was designed for veterans and service members as well as their dependents and caregivers. When you register on My HealtheVet, you gain access to tools that can help you track and monitor your health. As a registered user, you can build your personal health record that you manage and control yourself.

The specific features of My HealtheVet are available to you based on your account type. All users who have a Basic account are able to view their self-entered information. If you are a VA patient, you can upgrade your account to Advanced or Premium.

These account types may allow you to view parts of your VA health record and/or DoD Military Service Information. For more information about account types and what you can view, visit My HealtheVet Status Account Types.

1. Improve Yourself

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My HealtheVet can help you partner with your health-care team. It provides you with opportunities and tools in making informed decisions. Tracking your health may give you a better understanding of your health issues and how to manage them. This may also help you make better decisions about your healthcare. By knowing your health concerns, you can practice ways to gain better health. Simply register today.

Note: If you are a Veteran enrolled in a VA health-care facility, with a My HealtheVet Advanced account you can refill your VA medications online.

2. Improve Your Access

As a registered user, you can view your information anytime and anywhere you have internet access. All registered users are able to see their self-entered information. However, if you are already a My HealtheVet user and enrolled in a VA health-care facility, you will want to get an upgraded Premium account. If you have a Premium account, you may be able to view three types of information:

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    • Your My HealtheVet self-entered information
    • Parts of your official VA health record
  • For some veterans, you may be able to view your Department of Defense (DoD) Military Service Information.

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To get an upgraded Premium account, you will need to go through authentication. This is a process where VA verifies veterans’ identity before allowing access to their VA health record. To learn more, go to:

Upgrading Your My HealtheVet Account Through In-Person or Online Authentication

If you have questions, you can always contact the My HealtheVet coordinator at your local VA medical center.

3. Improve Your Online Activity

My HealtheVet provides tools that may make your medical appointments more productive. Your health-care team is there to assist you with your health-care needs. You can help by doing things to make your visits more productive. For example, specific information is needed to make a diagnosis. It is based on tests, description of symptoms, recent changes, and your history.

By using the tools on My HealtheVet, you record and track your health and health trends. Do not be afraid to share that information.

VA Blue Button or "Download My Data"

This gives you a detailed view of your My HealtheVet information. With a Basic or Advanced account, you can view, save, download, and/or print your self-entered health information using the VA Blue Button. If you have a Premium account, information from your VA electronic health record will be included.

For some veterans, information from the Department of Defense (DoD) is available. You will see this in the VA Blue Button as DoD Military Service Information. Use the VA Blue Button to share your information with your caregiver and/or non-VA provider. Having this information may help them better understand your health.

Secure Messaging

This is an online communication tool. If you have a Premium account, you can send a nonurgent message to your VA health-care team to ask them a question. Become an active partner in your healthcare. It only takes a few minutes to register on My HealtheVet. You can begin to build your personal health record and start tracking your health.

If you are a veteran who is enrolled in a VA health-care facility, upgrade your account to Premium through authentication (in person or online). When you do this, you will have access to information from your VA health record. In addition, for some, you may be able to view information from your DoD record.

Remember, by working with your health-care team and knowing your health conditions, you can learn how to make healthy choices and better manage your health. After all, it's quick and easy, and it's for you!

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